• Support for any number of monitors.
  • Redesigned the construction of the slide template.
  • Fixed accuracy of font adjustment (now the text almost always takes up the entire screen), and it is also possible to control this parameter manually (for advanced users)
  • Added export and import of favorites. Now you can plan a song ministry in one place and transfer the plan to another.
  • Added the ability to add keyboard shortcuts for each monitor. Psalms can be displayed on the desired monitor with a given keyboard shortcut.


  • Support for 4 monitors (projectors).
  • Ability to display slides on the main monitor. This feature will be useful if someone has a home ministry and doesn't have two monitors. Psalms can be displayed directly on the monitor from which the program is launched.
  • Automatic (dynamic) or forced display of slides.
  • Hotkeys (the ability to work remotely, for example, with a wireless numeric keypad - NumPad).
  • Displaying notes in .jpg format (to all monitors at the same time or as desired).
  • Displaying the psalms in whole or in verses (for each screen you can customize as you wish).
  • Displaying the chord grid.
  • Displaying the text of the psalm line by line (as in a verse) or as plain text (the text is reconfigured depending on the amount of free space).
  • Assigning each monitor (projector) its own slide output template (for example, a light background and black letters are assigned to a projector, and vice versa to monitors).
  • Ability to work without installation (for example, from a removable device).
  • Songbooks and Bibles open in tabs, not in separate windows!
  • Possibility to search for the desired psalm or Bible verse during the service.
  • Tab "Favorites" - the ability to prepare the necessary psalms before the service.